Massage Medley

Policies and Procedures

Please take a few moments to read over our policies and procedures which are set forth to keep both therapist and client safe. 


First time Clients: After Booking online, I will call you to confirm appointment and to do an initial consultation. I will also give you the address to my studio at this time. *Please note that if I can't reach you on phone prior to appointment, it will be considered a no call no show and a refund will not be issued. 

Arrival time: Clients will need to arrive at least 5 minutes early.  

*** If you are running late it will come off your hands on time.


Our Sessions: After the initial consultation, the therapist will step out of the room to wash hands. Clients should get undressed to their comfort level; to most clients this is down to their underwear. My clients are covered at all times and I can work around whatever feels most comfortable to you.


Payments: I accept credit or cash. I work with the honesty program and accept payments after the session. A credit card must be on file before the first service is rendered. We will never charge this card without authorization or notification.


Tipping: I would like our clients to understand that tips are not expected; however, it is a common practice to tip your therapist, and greatly appreciated. 


Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice is required for a cancellation. If an appointment is canceled less than 24 hours the client will be charged. If you reschedule instead of cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment a rescheduling fee of $25.00 will be charged immediately and the rescheduled session will be at full price and charged the day of service. If you didn't prepay. If you prepaid the money will be held until service is rendered.

For new clients: failure to do phone consultation before the day of service, will be considered a no call no show. 

No call No shows will be charged full price!



Medical Aspect: There is a lot of healing power in massage therapy. It is very important that the client be open about all medical conditions; even if they feel it isn’t that important. Please take part in your journey to relaxation and healing by communicating and completing the recommendations given to you by your therapist. Most recommendations will help the effects of the massage session last longer. 


Sexual Harassment: There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment. If a therapist feels that the line has been crossed the session will be terminated immediately, and the client will be charged in full. Depending on the situation authorities may be contacted. 


Smoking:  If you smoke prior to a session please remember to wash your hands before the beginning of the session. 


Charting: After each session our therapists fills out SOAP notes. These notes are used to document what we find during each session and what plans are for the following. All of our documents are kept confidential and we follow all of HIPPA standards.